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Parks and Recreation for the Whole Family!

Saying goodbye to the summer is always tough for children. Yet, the school year brings its own brand of fun (and a sigh of relief for parents, too). Students get to see their friends every day, learn new things and participate in daily activities. However, there is one thing missing. While summer time allows kids plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, the school year is mainly spent indoors. 

Parents who would like their kids to participate in outdoor recreation near Lyndhurst, NJ won’t have to look very far. Our neighborhood has lots of great resources for children’s outdoor activities. Below are a few of the  local organizations that offer outdoor recreations near Lyndhurst, NJ! 

Lyndhurst Recreation

Presented in conjunction with the Lyndhurst Township Recreation Department, Lyndhurst Recreation is the place to go for outdoor activities. Offering the community a wide-range of children’s sports camps, classes and lessons, Lyndhurst Recreation will keep kids active all year long. Offering programs, classes and activities for all age levels including, toddlers, pre-schoolers, grade schoolers and teens. 

Seasonal programs are offered all year long so children can stay active even during fall and winter months. Best of all, Lyndhurst Recreation also offers adult programs and classes, too! Be sure to check their schedules for the latest and upcoming information. 

Nutley Parks Department

Need additional outdoor recreational programs for children? Our Nutley Township neighbors offer plenty of activities for children –  and adults! The Nutley Parks Department available toddler-to-teen programs cover a variety of interests, including sports, art, music and more!

Kindergartners and early grade schoolers can learn the fundamentals of popular sports such as basketball and soccer. Older children can take part in more advanced programs for baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and a variety of sports. Plus, children can also grow their artistic talents with classes dedicated to dancing, arts and music. Plus, many of these programs are available for children with special needs. 

Nutley’s recreational programs aren’t just for kids. Adults are eligible for a variety of men’s and recreational sports activities including softball, soccer and volleyball. If wellness and health programs are of interest, Nutley offers adult yoga and aerobics classes and courses. In addition to these programs, the Nutley Parks Department also hosts many other unique events throughout the year, including CPR and safety training, theatre classes, and a summer concert series. 

Belleville Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department

Located in nearby Belleville, the Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs keeps calendars filled with lots of great activities and programs! Throughout the year, area children in grades K-8 can participate in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, and cheerleading programs. 

Families can also enjoy plenty of outdoor fun at annual events such as the Halloween Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration, an Easter Egg Hunt, and the popular Fourth of July Fireworks celebration! When school’s out during the summer, children can enroll in tennis programs, travel basketball programs, and two summer camp options. 

North Bergen Parks and Recreation

North Bergen Township’s Parks & Recreation Department also serves our community’s needs with a bunch of wonderful seasonal activities! Bergen’s sport programs are just the thing to keep kids busy throughout the year. Kids of all ages can choose from basketball, football, soccer, cheerleading, dance, baseball, t-ball, softball, and other super-fun programs. Plus, North Bergen’s Parks and Recreation agency entertains families and visitors with special seasonal events for Halloween, Christmas and Easter!  

These are just a few of the many great local resources for fun outdoor recreation near Lyndhurst, NJ. There are many more great things you can do outside and inside when you make the Winston at Lyndhurst apartments your home. Contact us today to learn more about our currently available opportunities.

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